Prism & Systems Prism

Prism & Systems Prism
Prism & Systems Prism
Prism and systems prism
Prism and systems prism
Leica type 360 degree prism
Big size (Length 140mm, Diameter 90mm)
Offset +23.1mm
Measuring distance 1500m
Accuracy 5"
Standard: with Leica type adapter
Optional: with 5/8" internal screw thread
Leica type 360 degree prism 90mm
Costant for Leica 23.1mm
Costant For Topcon/Sokkia -10mm

Topcon & Sokkia Style 360 Degree Prism ATP1, AR Coated Total Station Reflector

The SGS Center LED Lighted Prism is a cutting-edge technology.

Standard prism assembly Universal, For topcon, South, Kolida,Sokkia etc.
Offset -30mm or 0mm
With carrying bag

System Prism Universal include prism-holder, target, 64mm prism, tribrach, adapter. No Plastic Box

System Prism Topcon include  prism-holder,  target, 64mm prism,  tribrach, adapter,